American Excelsior Company® announces a new addition to the Recyclex Turf Reinforcement Mat (TRM) product family. Recyclex TRM-V is a lighter weight (8oz/yd2) TRM that provides a 100% synthetic, permanent, cost effective solution for low to medium flow channels that do not require protection from forces greater than 7 lb/ft2 shear stress and for slopes that require permanent vegetation reinforcement. With the introduction of Recyclex TRM-V, the design engineer will continue to benefit from the unique use of permanent fibers refined from recycled bottles. Recyclex fibers have a memory of 95% and a specific gravity greater than one, thus they rebound from and do not float during hydraulic events.

Jerry Bohannon, Director of the Earth Science Division for American Excelsior said, "We are very excited about the introduction of Recyclex TRM-V into our family of permanent products manufactured from recycled materials. This new addition to our permanent Turf Reinforcement Mat line joins our very successful Recyclex TRM

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American Excelsior Introduces Addition to Recyclex TRM Product Family allowing us to expand the use of permanent turf mats to appeal to those projects that are budget conscious, but have a need for a permanent turf mat. Recyclex TRM-V continues to show our company’s commitment and leadership in using sustainable recycled materials within our erosion and sediment control product line.”

American Excelsior Company offers a wide variety of erosion and sediment control devices covering just about any conceivable soil situation an engineer could be faced with. Technical support provided by their own testing facility, ErosionLab®, and a newly revised design software, E-Works® Online, assists American Excelsior Company in continuing to find ways to innovate new products to meet the demands of an ever changing market and economy.

To learn more about Recyclex TRM-V or any of American Excelsior's variety of products, visit or contact Customer Service at: (888) 352-9582.

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