A New and Improved E-Staple® Applicator System

By American Excelsior Company



(Arlington, TX) - American Excelsior Company is pleased to announce the new and improved


applicator for the exclusive installation of E-Staple® biodegradable staples.



E-Stapler will install either 4 or 6 inch E-Staples for the sole purpose of anchoring


American Excelsior Company’s lines of Curlex® and AEC Premier Straw® erosion control





E-Stapler will expedite installation time, therefore, decreasing the overall installation


price of biodegradable staples vs. steel staples that have been commonly used in the past. In the end,


E-Staples and E-Stapler help create a biodegradable solution vs. rusted steel anchoring your ECB or


 any other product where staple or pins are needed.



American Excelsior Company has 10 facilities in the U.S. and over 100 distributor partners.


More information is available at www.curlex.com.


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