Experience the benefits of having a sponsored member link & earn your chance at a Nintendo Wii - Here's How!
To give yourself a chance at winning a Nintendo Wii system all you have to do is purchase a 1 year subscription as a Sponsored Member to Erosion Control Network - $195.00/year . Your name will go into a drawing and a name will be picked randomly from the set closing date. The winner will be contacted by one of our sales team employees to help in claiming the prize and shipment details.
Offer Ends December 05, 2007
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Nintendo Wii System in High Demand, Even Adults & Elders are Addicted:
Older people on cruise ships aren't playing shuffle board anymore, and Adults at home aren't just watching their children play all of the new gaming systems and video games on their television. The Nintendo Wii system is in high demand where the system is already on all NCL America ships playing on large screens in each ship's atrium and kids have special kiosks so they don't have to fight their grandparents for a turn. In a world where video games = couch potato, it really is quite amazing to have a game where it natively expects you to move and be active. You don't lounge back and gain pounds here while playing games. Bowling might be the most relaxed of the sports, but even there you are standing, moving, swinging. You get your heart going at least a little, and get some exercise.

Call Now: 1.800.914.8182
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