Erosion Control NetworkJust let me say, I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday! Even though this time of year tends to bring all of us more stress, it really is a great time of year! Some of us have already had our first snow fall of the season (winter is 3 weeks away), some of us have been blessed with warmer weather, and some of us have had some soggy times. These multiple weather changes, bring more stress to all of us some way or another impacting all of our job they not?

Well here at Great Escape (where we always think inside the box...cough cough) we have launched a new program in Colorado that we hope to be bringing to all of you in the near future. The name says it all "Mud Blanket" not to attractive I know, but preventing mud in and around your job sites saves not only clean up costs inside your structures, but those pesky N.P.D.E.S. Fines as well when your sub-contractors track mud into the streets, etc.

While the term or idea for the "Mud Blanket" did not originate within Great Escape's walls (It came from the use of the Express Blower, where they would blow a product known as "Hog Fuel" around the site because of its low cost) We have taken this idea a few steps further and originated a product and procedure, that I am sure will spark some interest!

Erosion Control Network

Not only does this product produce the appearance of a super clean job site, and keep human traffic, construction traffic from further tracking into the street, and newly built structure, it also has some very inherent Erosion and Sediment Control Properties already recognized by the E.P.A. & Tested by us! This is a mixture of 5 different types of mulch products(shredded to interlock with one another), 2 types of compost(providing a nutritional value to surrounding soils), 2 small sizes & small quantity of aggregates( think filtration, air, water, once tilled in will create superb drainage properties aiding in deeper watering, more air and water will then be able to reach root structures once established "think your grandma's or mother's clay flower pots). Most of us are building on clay soils now a days, which is one of the most nutritious soils, but we can't seem to tap into them because the water is either held by it or runs off of it.

Now for the remarkable part...It is extremely cost effective when compared to straw blankets, downspout protection, and does not track! This is also made from 100% recycled wood products, non dairy based compost, and left over aggregates! So I encourage you to take a look at the photos, and contact me with any questions or if you would like an on site demo, we are only a phone call away!

Erosion Control Network

Finally, when you look at the photos we have also started a new craze on back filling. By using our trucks to back fill around your foundations we have recently found & tested that we can take frost laden materials break them down to 1" minus and place them around your entire foundation for back fill, creating a more compact back fill around your structure because we have removed all air pockets from clumps and such, and have figured out how to add the correct amount of moisture and compaction at exactly the right time giving you a nearly 92% compacted back fill each and every time. Thus resulting in zero call backs (we'll put our name on that) resulting from cracked driveways, patios, etc. and more usable materials from on site!

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Next up...recycling rainwater 1 residential home site at a time, saving the homeowner, home builder, and municipality $$$. (we've just begun to wash those woes down the drain!)

Again wishing you all the warmest Holiday Greeting's to you, your companies, and your families!

Bill Lindsey - President
Great Escape Commercial Contracting, Inc.

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