American Excelsior Company is excited to announce the launching of their New Web Site with many new user friendly features such as current product brochures located in the technical support library under "Product Descriptions.” The new erosion control home page will direct you to Products, Applications, Erosion Lab, Technical Support, FAQs and Erosion Works, our new free erosion and sediment control design software that runs directly from the internet at 


ErosionWorks has the option to generate a report directly from the program.  Users are now able to easily generate a savable and printable .pdf file for their records by the click of their mouse.  American Excelsior Company once again proved to be the leader in the erosion and sediment control industry by becoming the first to incorporate DOT product approval status to their design program.  A simple drop down menu allows users to select any state and the program will list the products that are currently approved by the DOT in the selected state.  This convenient feature saves designers, specifiers, and contractors time because they no longer have to sort through each state’s Approved Product List (APL). American Excelsior Company has done the work for them.  Product approvals are being added each day so it is recommended to frequently check back with ErosionWorks if you are tracking the approval status of a particular product in a particular state.

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The company plans to continue to update the online software program as ideas are submitted by their customers.  Kurt Kelsey, Director of Technical Services for the company, said, “We are able to update ErosionWorks Online virtually instantly now and we will continue to improve the program as we receive valuable input from our end users.  We are committed to maintaining the program as the best tool available for our users.”


American Excelsior Company has 9 facilities in the U.S. and over 100 distributor partners to serve you. More information is available at



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