EVANSVILLE, (Ind.) – April 23, 2008 – North American Green introduces HydraCMTM Bonded Fiber Matrix, the mid-level product in its HydraMatriCxTM  line of straw/cotton-fiber, hydraulic erosion control products.

HydraCMTM  was developed in cooperation with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and Cotton Incorporated.

“With the introduction of HydraCMTM  Bonded Fiber Matrix, North American Green now offers a complete line of hydromulch products to meet any commercial, industrial, or residential erosion control need,” says Tim Lancaster, President, North American Green.

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HydraCMTM  contains a blend of cross-linked, insoluble, hydro-colloidal tackifiers to provide erosion control and facilitate vegetation establishment on medium length, moderate-to-steep slopes, 4:1 to 3:1.

The product is cost effective compared to other wood-based bonded fiber matrices, because a larger area of coverage can be obtained per tank load due to the low water to mulch ratio required for mixing. It also agitates instantly, can be applied in one step together with seed and soil amendments, and is easy to clean up.

HydraCMTM  and all HydraMatriCx products are made with straw and cotton-ginned fibers, and provide key benefits associated with cotton. Those include absorbency to hold moisture and promote seed-to-soil contact for germination; porosity for seedlings to push through without barrier; and biodegradability. Additionally, HydraMatriCx products are recognized as sustainable products because they contain post- industrial cotton-ginned byproducts.

And, like the rest of the HydraMatriCx Series, HydraCMTM  is completely non-toxic and does not deplete the soil of nitrogen, as wood hydromulches initially do. HydraCMTM  also has a natural-looking, deep-green color that provides an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

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Other products in the HydraMatriCx series include HydraCX2TM  for the longest, steepest and most severe slope applications; and GeoSkinTM  Standard Mulch for mild to moderate slopes.

North American Green is a leading erosion control solutions provider globally, with headquarters in Evansville, IN. Its worldwide network of more than 100 qualified distributors with North American Green’s Erosion Solutions Specialists are trained to provide site-specific project design and product specification assistance.

HydraCMTM  and HydraCX2TM  are manufactured exclusively for North American Green by Mulch & Seed Innovations, LLC, Centre, AL. GeoSkin is available from Mulch & Seed Innovations, LLC, and is carried by North American Green.

North American Green is a wholly-owned, stand-alone subsidiary of The Tensar Corporation, a full-service provider of solutions for common earthwork problems, with headquarters in Atlanta, GA. For more information call 1-800-772-2040 or visit www.nagreen.com

Source: North American Green Press Release

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