American Excelsior Company® announces a new erosion control blanket targeted for those projects where performance is needed, but the project operating budget allows only for the use of lower-end type ECBs such as straw matting. With the introduction of Curlex® CL™, the user not only benefits from the performance of higher-end type engineered fibers such as Curlex I and Curlex II, but also from prices that compete with lesser grade type blankets. Unlike straight fibers, Curlex CL fibers are barbed and curled, which creates interlocking strength to the blanket and helps the fibers cling to soil.

Jerry Bohannon, Director of the Earth Science Division for American Excelsior said, "We are very excited about the introduction of Curlex CL, as we can now provide the industry with a lower priced product to help support rising construction costs without sacrificing the quality and performance of a product that is used in a critical part of any erosion or sediment control plan. And with the new roll length, it will also help reduce installation costs due to fewer seams, material handling. In addition, with 33% more square yards on a truckload, transportation costs can be greatly reduced.”

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American Excelsior Company offers a wide variety of erosion and sediment control devices covering just about any conceivable soil situation an engineer could be faced with. Technical support provided by their own testing facility, ErosionLab®, and a newly revised design software, E-Works® Online, assists American Excelsior Company in continuing to find ways to innovate new products to meet the demands of an ever changing market and economy.

To learn more about Curlex CL or any of American Excelsior's variety of products, visit or contact Customer Service at: (888) 352-9582.

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